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Last Name First Name Middle Name Suffix Nickname Maiden Name Other Last Names Age Death Month Death Day Death Year Source Source Date Notes
QuarteroneDonnaJFord534172010Derry News4/22/2010
QuassJoanA8012152015Derry News1/7/2016
QuelchFrederickG8311281972Derry News11/30/1972
QuevedonClair Elizabeth644181998Derry News4/24/1998
QuigleyWilliamH 12211941Derry News12/26/1941
QuigleyMrs WilliamF8251957Derry News8/29/1957page 3
QuigleyJamesDJr41811968Derry News8/8/1968
QuigleyVictoriaLGrinnell7211301980Derry News12/4/1980
QuigleyGeorgeJ Jr4152002Derry News4/19/2002
QuimbyHenry9531912Derry News3/15/1912burial Bow NH
QuimbySilasE 772231913Derry News2/28/1913d Bellefonte PA
QuimbyHarry283121913Derry News3/14/1913and in 3/21/1913, FH - d Londonderry NH
QuimbyJohnC 7031925Derry News3/20/1925d San Gabriel CA
QuimbySarahE 7271937Derry News8/6/1937died in CA
QuimbyGeorgeAlbert2211943Derry News2/26/1943front page, FH - d Nashua NH, b Somerville MA 4.25.1888
QuimbyJaneElliott3251946Derry News3/29/1946last page, burial Claremont
QuimbyCatherineW851201951Derry News1/26/1951page 3; FH - d Concord NH, b Prince Edward Island
QuimbyHerbertF8912281952Derry News12/31/1952page 3, former Pastor St Luke's
QuimbyOtisM6011181953Derry News11/19/1953front page; FH - b Somerville MA, married to Grace Quimby, veteran
QuimbyFrederic H809111961Derry News9/14/1961
QuimbyGraceE68521962Derry News5/3/1962
QuimbyGertrudeC776131962Derry News6/14/1962
QuimbyEllenM8912151962Derry News12/20/1962
QuimbyClifford471211964Derry News12/3/1964
QuimbyFlorenceV497261966Derry News7/28/1966
QuimbyRichardF631251971Derry News12/9/1971
QuimbyJuliaC784251985Derry News5/16/1985
QuimbyArthurWestgate8911141987Derry News11/19/1987
QuimbyChristalA168121992Derry News8/19/1992
QuimbyCliffordG5112241996Derry News1/3/1997
QuimbyConrad L7211171997Derry News11/21/1997
QuimbyAgnesMDias759301998Derry News10/6/1998
QuimbySheilaCassidy1142000Derry News1/25/2000also in 2/4/2000
QuimbyAnnCameron693192006Derry News3/31/2006
QuimbyRobertWJr561122006Derry News11/8/2006
QuimbyMrs56281886Derry News2/12/1886d No Salem NH
QuincyMarilynJ5710101987Derry News10/15/1987
QuinlanDorothyMMelucci5212231992Derry News12/30/1992
QuinlanMartinJ242011Derry News6/2/2011died in Florida
QuinnVirginiaAnn1967Derry News7/24/1967Death year is assumed.
QuinnArthurJ7212181973Derry News1/3/1974
QuinnDorisBrackely702251977Derry News3/3/1977
QuinnEugeneWJr795271984Derry News5/31/1984
QuinnRoy L6311271999Derry News11/30/1999
QuinnJeffreyDavid266252015Derry News7/2/2015
QuintalAlice885311977Derry News6/9/1977
QuintalCynthiaCSeverance572111993Derry News2/17/1993
QuirkThomasBernard502282010Derry News3/4/2010
QuirkKimMHennessey49282011Derry News2/17/2011