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Last Name First Name Middle Name Suffix Nickname Maiden Name Other Last Names Age Death Month Death Day Death Year Source Source Date Notes
UhlAlanRichard648182001Derry News8/24/2001
UhlsCarol Campbell3271976Derry News4/8/1976
UickerJosephA 5101917Derry News5/11/1917and in 5/25/1917, burial Holy Cross
UickerEdithR6151957Derry News6/20/1957page 6
UickerAlbert EJr42521979Derry News5/10/1979
UickerJosephC831291989Derry News12/13/1989
UickerRobertJames541993Derry News10/13/1993
UickerLeo785261994Derry News6/3/1994Brother Leo
UickerGeorgeBernard931262003Derry News1/29/2003
UickerAlbertESr934152005Derry News4/20/2005
UickerElaineMMuzzey891102014Derry News1/16/2014
UikcerDorothyV 311291943Derry News2/5/1943burial Londonderry NH
UikcerKatherineCRau4291945Derry News5/4/1945last page, burial Holy Cross Londonderry NH
UnderhillMaryJ 65621912Derry News6/7/1912and in 6/14/1912, Candia NH, Chester NH, burial Holbrook Cemetery
UnderhillJonathanT 627251912Derry News8/16/1912Jacksonville FL
UnderhillFrankOscar6312271913Derry News1/9/1914entombed Chester NH
UnderhillArthur51918Derry News5/10/1918and in 5/17/1918, Chester NH
UnderhillEdwin7991918Derry News9/13/1918funeral Portsmouth NH, Civil War veteran
UnderhillGeorgeWebster1111921Derry News1/21/1921burial Auburn NH
UnderhillLaura10211921Derry News10/28/1921burial Holbrook Cemetery
UnderhillFrankie731923Derry News3/9/1923d Deerfield NH
UnderhillWalterW 12311924Derry News1/2/1925and in 1/9/1925, d Manchester NH, burial Village Cemetery Chester NH
UnderhillMartha8771926Derry News7/9/1926Auburn NH
UnderhillCharlesSargent381081927Derry News10/14/1927Chester NH, Dr, WWI veteran LT
UnderhillWilliamB 829201942Derry News9/25/1942front page, burial Chester NH
UnderhillElizaP8812221944Derry News12/29/1944FH - d Derry NH, w Ellis John Underhill, father Rev B F Parsons mother Mary Ann Nesmith
UnderhillEllisJohn4211945Derry News4/27/1945last page, died in DC
UnderhillDorothyB8512301965Derry News1/6/1966
UnderhillGeorgeS 661261885Derry News1/30/1885and in 1/15/1886, d Chester NH, cancer
UnderhillGeorgeW6710131882Derry News10/20/1882
UnderhillCharlesWesley3111201884Derry News11/28/1884d Lynn MA, Bright's Disease
UnderhillHannah191221882Derry News12/8/1882d Chester NH, also in 1/12/1883 as age 25
UnderhillMolly79261881Derry News2/11/1881d Auburn NH, w John Underhill
UnderhillMollyChase791881Derry News2/18/1881date unlisted
UnderhillWIlliamP 68491885Derry News4/10/1885and in 1/15/1886, d Chester NH, Capt
UnderhillMinnieAgnes1391885Derry News9/25/1885d No Chester NH
UnderwoodLeahB77731972Derry News7/13/1972
UnderwoodHelenM271976Derry News2/12/1976
UnderwoodRussell82611978Derry News6/8/1978
UnderwoodMrs George E312181886Derry News2/19/1886d Manchester NH
UnknownUnknown5051912Derry News6/7/1912FH - d Windham NH, suicide by shooting, unidentified
Unknownunknown12291885Derry News1/1/1886d Manchester NH, run over by train
UptonAnnaM 4281934Derry News5/4/1934FH - d Derry NH, b Haverhill MA 4.12.1848, m Charles P Upton
UptonWilliamF 725311938Derry News6/3/1938FH - d Boston MA
UptonCharlesP932161939Derry News2/24/1939front page, FH - d Derry NH, b Charlestown MA, w Annie Ayer, Boston Post Cane holder, sailor, shoe worker, carpenter
UptonJosephA 1191971Derry News1/28/1971
UptonGeorgeP955111976Derry News5/13/1976
UptonMelvinF5511171976Derry News11/18/1976
UrquhartEdward681961Derry News8/24/1961Death year is assumed.
UrquhartJoseph691997Derry News12/16/1997unreadble
UttleyThomasG518311961Derry News9/7/1961
UzarowiczMarie9012182007Derry News12/21/2007